Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did I Say No Regrets?

I was just looking back over my recent blog posts and when I came to Haley's birthday post...I realized I do have a regret. Or two. I looked at the pictures of Haley so amazed at the cake of babby (Abby Cadabby) that was for "baby" (her) and realized that she didn't care about the perfection of the cake-or the lack thereof. And yet, I agonized over that stupid cake for more hours than I care to remember. It had to be "perfect". (Of course it wasn't...and yet it tasted good and Haley liked it) Did that really matter?? No. What matters is that my little one was so happy on that day. My regret? That I didn't enjoy her more and worry about the cake (and other stuff) less.

Let's see if I Learned from it...or if I do it again.


Colleen said...

Aw, that's a tough one. The cake looked great and Haley looked win!

gina said...

She is a cutie!

Soon you will forget even all your regrets - the mind is a wonderful thing... selective memories. Just focus on her smile and the gift that she is!

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