Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My (No Longer) Mute Child

So, Haley went from basically NO words to using words such as "battery" (ba-ees) and gymnastics. She says jacket (jackee), Dora Dora (doi doi), Minnie (Mimmie)-as in the mouse. She tries so many words now. We can understand the majority of them-especially when we look at context. It's amazing to me the difference that 1 or 2 weeks can make. I will not have to even talk about this with her doctor at her 2 year check up now! Yay Haley!


squirrelgirl said...

We're still waiting for the verbal explosion from Miss K. Every once in awhile she says something (Daddy, thank you) very clearly, but then she doesn't say another word for days at a time. She uses her sign language a lot, though. Since she obviously CAN use the words and just chooses not to speak, I'm not too worried. I'm certain that I'll eventually be wishing she'd shut up LOL!

carebear7951 said...

Yep, you'd think I'd have known better...since Haley is my 3rd! ;)

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