Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

Well, this year's birthday party (one of the three) is over and done. It actually went very well, although I can't say without a hitch. I wish I had handled it all with grace...but not so. I was muttering less than nice words under my breath as people started arriving (EARLY) and I was 1. un-showered 2. fighting with the cake 3. getting ready to try a new recipe out...yeah. Bless Leah and my mom (thanks guys!) for helping me and trying to calm me down.
Everything turned out really good though (food as well as company) and Haley was thrilled when everyone sang to HER! It was so sweet-the look on her face as she looked at all the faces surrounding her and singing JUST FOR HER! She kept pointing to her cake and to herself saying "Baby"-meaning "That cake is for baby". We could hardly hold her was so sweet how excited she was about her birthday.
The other thing that was really sweet was her reaction to her presents! She "read" the cards first! Is there any other 2 year old out there that reads the cards first? :) Grandma and Grandpa Robertson gave her cash...she yelled "dollars" at that! Funny baby...
Worth all the aggravation of trying to pull it all together? Yep! Now, the question is: Will I keep my vow and "never do it again" or will I remember only the goodness of it and do it all again...ten times over!? :)

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Colleen said...

Aw, so cute. Happy birthday Haley!

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