Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So, I'm struggling through my exercises this morning (more mentally than physically struggling-just plain didn't want to do it) and a segment on Good Morning America says that the crunches I'm doing just plain won't flatten my tummy. Really? Why am I doing this then? In fact, says Dr. Tim Johnson, no exercise that targets one particular area will make the fat in that area go away. So, why do I bother doing the crunches, leg lifts, etc!? This creates a whole new excuse for me!
Who thinks it's true that this is not necessary? I really do believe that it helps you to trim down-when coupled with aerobic exercise (which I'm also doing-mostly kickboxing). Someone tell me I haven't wasted hours of my mornings (that could've been spent SLEEPing)...


Anonymous said...

You are not wasting your time. To flatten out your tummy, make sure you are pulling your navel to your spine rather than pushing out on your ab muscles. I highly recommend getting a pilates video. I was told I was wasting my time as well. I love proving people wrong!

Chrissy said...

Have you tried Jillian Matthews (the Biggest Loser lady)workouts? I get them "On Demand" from my's 20 minutes long, she incorporates the aerobic and strength training, so you're burning calories and toning/building totally kicks my butt, in a good way :)

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