Thursday, August 19, 2010


Balance is something that is very hard for me. In every area of life I tend to be all or nothing.
-->I'm either counting every.single.calorie and exercising like crazy (no pain no gain anyone?) or stuffing my face and lazing around like a sow (well, as much as one can do that with 4 kids).
-->I'm either counting every penny that gets spent and budgeting every cent. No eating out. If we're going to be out at meal time, we must be armed with PB&Js. Or I'm spending it like there is no tomorrow (as much as one can with limited income)
-->I'm either cleaning every square inch of my house or it's a sty (see above, the sow's only fitting right? If I'm acting like a sow, I have to have a sty to live in.)
-->I'm either disciplining every misbehavior in my children or I'm letting everything that doesn't cause physical harm go "un-noticed" (read: ignored)!

I think the thing is, because I'm so spastic when I am doing the right things that I get worn out. Tired. Run down. Can' If I could find some balance in life and watch what I eat moderately and exercise the same way!? I would never feel overwhelmed by a "diet". The discipline thing? My kids would be in check. I wouldn't have to go around for periods like a DRILL SERGEANT. Cleaning? Keep it clean a little at a time and do deep cleaning every now and then.

Right now, I'm trying to clean up all my messes from quite some time ago...(before Nathan??) The weight I've gained, the money I've spent, the house EVERYONE has messed but only I care enough to clean, the kids that are watching too much tv and getting away with leaving their rooms WORSE than the rest of the sty house. Oh, and I'm in my exercise clothes. Get the picture?

**P.S. I had this post ready, just needed a "balancing" picture. So, while we were at the mall I had the kids get on there. It was quite the joke with them having their arms out like that...they could've run on that little wall. LOL Oh well, it served my purpose. And BOOOOOOO to the man that yelled at my child from inside of his little rinky dink store about being on the "planter". Bah to him. We just moved on down the mall a tiny bit and found a new place! Take that.

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