Monday, August 2, 2010

Clothes Shopping

is never good. And really never good if you just ate at a pizza buffet. Seriously. Don't do it. But, like most lessons I had to learn this the hard way. I've needed to get a couple of things to wear that I feel "decent" in but haven't had the time. Or maybe it's the gumption I was lacking. The gumption to try to squeeze 10 lbs....well, you know that saying. And the gumption to take my 4 children along with me while I do this. Sounds like a suicide mission. Like I could blow up all over the store-taking out all the poor unsuspecting shoppers. I would be sorry for their families...but it would not be something I could help. It would be simply spontaneous combustion.
But, I didn't. Combust that is. Despite my dear husband's lack of cooperation tonight (thanks Honey. I hope you enjoyed your time at home while I had all 4 of the children shopping with me. We did fine, thanks.) I started off at Target, leaving the husband and 4 children in the car-thinking it was better for all concerned. The kids had a great story to listen to while they sat. So, feeling only slightly rushed, I ran into Target to search all their racks until I found something suitable. I looked and looked. Tried on. No. Not good. Thought about buying maternity shorts-YES I DID think about it. No, I didn't do it. I called my mom and she convinced me that was not the best plan. Then suggested another store. After dropping my hubby off at his car (left at the scene of the crime-the buffet) I headed to Academy where I managed to find a couple of things that I could squeeze into with minimal overhang. Yuck.
Capris. I like them. They are the new shorts in my life I think. I never understood when my mom would say "Don't you think I'm too old to wear [such and such]?" And I would say, "What do you mean? If it's comfy and you like it...wear it!" I get it now. I feel like a wanna-be teeny-bopper if I wear anything that goes much above my knee. Maybe I'll feel better when I get busy working out (I do have a plan...really I do) and there's not so much mashed potato consistency to said region-above the knee. Or maybe it's just age. I do know that I am also much more concerned with modesty as a virtue than I used to be-and not just because I'm no longer thin. Because the more I learn...the more I realize that it is God's desire for us to be modest.
I found some capris that, if they don't flatter, they don't scream "Look at me!!! I'm fat but I don't know it!!!"
And did you know that Academy (yes, the Sports and Outdoor store) has a dressing room big enough for a shopping cart holding a baby, one mama and 3 other chillen's to go in together? So my children were my fashion helpers. They helped me choose my pants. Good kids. They didn't even announce anything embarrassing where everyone in this UNISEX dressing room could hear. (You know the comments kids can make. "Mom, why is your tummy lumpy like that?" "Mom, were your boobs always that squishy?" "Mom, did you know your underwear has a hole in it?"-yes, those comments. The ones that keep us moms humble.)

Oh, and my plan? Don't worry. It does not include the pizza buffet. I will have to attend a 12-step program but I think I can give it up. Seriously, did you know food is an addiction? As sure as heroin or alcohol? Only not illegal! So, you can "do" it to your heart's content. Until you are a fatty in the fattest city. (Yes, my city has that distinction! Yay us!) And you have to have it...and that's my problem, once I start eating? I can't stop. But that's a different post.

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