Monday, August 30, 2010


I have the BEST post. A story that touches the heart (I think)...I'm just waiting on a picture to go with the (already written) post!!!! I can't wait to post it! Can't wait!!

It's Monday around here. Truly a Monday.
I was up a couple times to feed Nathan in the night (which I find to be no big deal because he goes right back to sleep usually). But right after the 4:30am feeding...Haley woke up. And she does NOT go back to sleep peacefully. She wanted to be in our bed. We don't want her in our bed. Because then she is there EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. And it took a long time to break her of that in the first place. So, she whined. And ordered us to let her in our bed. And cried (loudly). And *almost* woke Nathan back up. She wakes Nathan often. It does not make me a happy camper.
Daddy finally gave up and left the room at 6am. In disgust. She got in the bed. Sigh. Two points for the three-year old. Zero for us. And *yawn*...a bad start to the day and the week.

And then...I got to face both sides of my sink...FULL of dishes. On both sides. Oh the joy. I worked out first (yay me!) and then tackled them. The dishes. I won. They're DONE.

Now, it's lunch time. The kids are hungry. So am I. But I'm tired more than I'm hungry. Mentally tired. Physically tired (30 Day Shred is a tough workout!)

Did I tell you yet, that Haley doesn't take naps anymore? And that it makes me very sad?

Off to make lunch. And once again fill the sink with dishes. Sigh...

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Jenny said...

Logan rarely naps anymore and it shows. He was up at 4:30am. It is not Monday, but it has been one of those days around here.

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