Monday, August 23, 2010

(not) Back to School-A Day in the Life

Over at
Heart of the Matter
there's a little "thing" going on! It's kind of an online conference about Homeschooling. I have yet to have actually entered any of my posts. One was the whole schoolroom thing, but by the time I posted it on my blog it was too late to link up (yeah, a day late and a dollar short). And I didn't do the student pictures/introductions. (I will though!)
But I'm going to attempt to get this one in on time! ;)
It's supposed to be an outline of our daily routine.
*Note that I'm fully aware that if I plan something it won't work out for one reason or another, so this is going to be a basic guideline, not a hard and fast schedule!

7:00am-Mommy up and exercising
7:45am-wake kids up (they can begin their personal care/bedmaking, breakfast,etc) Computer time for me
8:30am-chores (thinking of using an idea I found from another mom's day in the life and doing "zone" housekeeping. One room per day...Not sure though.
9:00am-school begins!
1:00pm-rest time!!! Yay!!! Little ones to nap and bigger ones to read. I may read or nap (ideally should do some quiet time with God to keep me centered) or we may still need to work on school...depending on how the morning went.
3:00pm-tv time for the older kids
4:00pm-prep dinner/finish any school work that didn't get done
Evenings will be devoted to practice (baseball/soccer), church, American Heritage Girl meetings every other get the idea. And Family time! I hope to have it work out more often than not. It seems, too often, during the "school year" we are all running in different directions. And I'm afraid it will only get worse as the two little ones get older and have their own activities. (Each kid is allowed 2 things-scouts and a sport/physical activity)
The most important parts of this "routine" are the wake up times and the "to bed" times...I think if we can get those under control...everything else will work out.

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Jenn said...

Sounds like a good schedule. Have you started yet? We started this week. So far so good! :)

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