Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Financial Peace

Ok, I know that sounds like some kind of an oxymoron. I hope that after we complete this course byDave Ramseywe will not feel that way.
We signed up for the Financial Peace University course through our church. The cost is $100. I almost didn't sign up. Then our pastor said that any church member that wanted to do it need not worry about the cost-we could pay whenever we could, on time, whatever it took.
My hubby and I decided that we should give this a go. A real go. We're tired of the struggle of the American Dream. You know the dream.

It involves lots of these:
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And leads to lots of this:

And the lie that you can have anything you want instantly. Microwave. And you can (*WAC) but there is a price. There is no (financial) peace of mind. So, we are going to learn to work the system. To get out of debt. And live in (financial) peace.

Honestly, I was kind of skeptical. Maybe a little bitter. Of course Dave Ramsey has financial peace. He sells lots of books about how to have it. And, I figured, he'd never had no money to work with. It's really easy to preach financial peace that way, isn't it? But, when I went to the Introduction class/video, I learned something. He's been at the top (made a lot of money with Real Estate) and lost it ALL. Every stinkin' penny of it. And everything came due. And he was bankrupt. So, I figure he's had less than us. Right? Maybe he knows a thing or two about getting out of a bind.

I'd like to leave these:

more than debt. Not just money-an inheritance. More than that, I'd like for them to know the principles of living (financially) right. It will take some sacrifice. It will take some discipline. And some self-denial.

And a big pair of these:

By the way, our class is paid for in full by a church member who donated some money just for people like us. Wow. I found that out on the day that hubby got his overtime back. The overtime he lost right about the time I got pregnant with Nathan. I think God might have something for us here! I'm so excited to give this a real go!


Jules said...

I would LOVE to do something like this.

carebear7951 said...

Jules-if you go to his website I think you can find a nearby class!

squirrelgirl said...

I know someone else who did the Dave Ramsey class and she was totally impressed. Hope you find it beneficial; the reduced stress of being debt-free is awesome.

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