Monday, September 27, 2010

Decisions Decisions

You know what? Nathan is going to be 1! I have some decisions to make.
First, I need to choose between


and I wish this was still in the running but unfortunately, daddy didn't care for that one. Can I make my case though? We're planning to go to Disney World this February. That means Mickey Mouse makes perfect sense, right? But, I won't fight falls under one of those things that is not worth a fight. :) I guess that we can realize that, is part of how we're still pretty darn happy most of the time after 16 years of marriage.

Next decision:
big stinkin' party or family party (and that would include close family friends of course). He's the 4th child so I hope I've learned a few will prob'ly be a smaller "family" party.

Next up:
Do I make the cake? Knowing it will cause me great frustration and I will threaten to anyone in the vicinity that I'm throwing away my cake decorating supplies as soon as this stupid cake is done and why did I ever think I could make the cake anyways? But then feel great when I get lots of compliments on it?
Or do I get a friend of mine to make it-who makes awesomely delicious and professional cakes? There will still be tons of compliments on the cake...only I'll believe them and I won't get to take credit for them.

Really, these are not hard decisions. I think I'll do the dino stuff. That cake will be aDORable and in the future he might want sports stuff...then I'll be stuck with it. This is the only year I TOTALLY get to choose everything (except Mickey Mouse ;) ). And we'll have a medium party with family and a few close friends. (Want to come?? ;) ) And (despite knowing how it will upset me) I think I might make his cake. If I chicken's okay. Here are some examples of the cakes Robyn has made for my kiddos:

So, no pressure. As long as I decide in time to get her to make it (she is kept very busy!)

I'm so excited, but so sad that Nathan is turning 1. I can't believe it. The year has flown by.


Anonymous said...

I like the dinos.

small party, they don't remember it at one (though you need pics, lol).

i wouldn't make the cake - i would make cupcakes to save money if I wanted or ask my mom to bring a cake.

Jenn said...

Sounds like you have it all figured out! I'm sure it will be a fun time.

squirrelgirl said...

I like the dinos, too. Make the cake: it's the last 1st birthday cake you'll ever get to make for your kids, so savor the bittersweet moment. And, as much as I hate Disney, you'll have to let me know your agenda; maybe we can meet up one day.

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