Thursday, September 30, 2010

Remember When...

we had so much fun Wednesday? All the playing and splashing around and stuff? Well, we needed it to shore up for the past 3 days and nights. Because they were less than fun. It started Wednesday night actually. Lindsay came home from church not feeling well and promptly got sick. All.Night.Long. About every 20 minutes to be exact. Poor girl. I felt so bad for her. I ended up sleeping in the girls' room (sleeping off and on that is) while Haley slept in my room.
Then, I had my mom come over Thursday morning to sit with her and Nathan whilst (can I use that word? I know I'm not British...but I like it) I went to Wally World to {hopefully} get stuff to make a solar system for Jared's science....whilst (see? I'm using it!)I was getting ready to leave Nathan threw up all over me. Uh oh. I ended up going anyway with my mom pleading that I hurry please. (Apparently she doesn't like being thrown up on!?)
We got the Solar System stuff (they actually had it!!!!!) and some jello.
Fast forward to Friday night. Jared comes down with it in the evening. (And why do kids insist on drinking water right after they throw up? They know it'll just instigate the whole process over again!) Thankfully, he got through the worst of it pretty quickly because in the middle of the night Haley and Harold got it. Fun! And Nathan was still throwing up and blowing out diapers. This is at about 2:50 am on Saturday morning-right before we both had to take a bath.
Today, I was the lone fully well person (with the older kids still puny) dealing with a crying baby, a pre-schooler who did not understand why she could not and should not eat and drink whenever she wanted to. She told Lindsay, "There was a little girl who wanted a drink of water and her mama said 'no'". But she insists this little girl is not named Haley.
I used this: a lot. We just bought it (for less than half of what it was supposed to cost just because it has a scratch on the top of it. Ummm, in my house it would've had a scratch within 2-4 days anyway! Score!) and it's been getting broken in for sure.
Look what I caught my kids doing tonight:

It was such a nice moment. And there was only one "sore loser" moment. Balm for my weary soul.

I'm so glad we had Wednesday's memories to hold us through Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And I hope tomorrow is better. Even if it's not as good as Wednesday.
And I have to say...working on the Solar System (very sporadically-as you can imagine, school has been a bit spotty) I just keep having the old jokes about "Uranus" going through my head. Sorry. I'm that immature. But I managed to not tell the kids about it. Yay me!

P.S. I'm very thankful for good friends! Leah brought over Pedialyte, soup and crackers! and a friend from church brought me a plate from the barbecue we had to miss today. (And my dad...he brought gatorade, diapers and wipes!)

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