Saturday, September 25, 2010

You Talk Tooooo Much

(and yes, I know my phone looks hits the ground 10 times a day)

So, I've recently become aware of this issue I have. I talk too much. Not always. And usually not gossipy stuff. But anytime something happens (big, little, special or mundane) I have to call 3 people and tell them. Then I have to text 2 others. Wanna know how I realized I have this problem? Because I catch my kids doing it too. There is nothing like seeing your own faults in your children to make you realize them for what they are. My kids won't even know who is on the phone and will say "tell whoever it is that I jumped out of the tree" or whatever their latest exciting news is.

:: The baby hits his head (he really did...and it was BAD)-I called my mom. Okay, not that big of a deal, right? Then I had to tell like 3 other people on the way to the doctor's office! (via text and phone-texting at stoplights of course.)

:: The kids are fighting school work. I call my mom. Then, I text 1 homeschooling friend and say it on facebook.

:: Haley says something funny. I call my mom (because if I wait til I talk to her next time...I will forget.) Then I text 2 people and call 1 other.

:: The dog's face swells. I called 3 people! (Benadryl took care of it in case you were worried.)

:: Any decision to make (rug to buy, picture frames to buy or hang, outfit to put on a child for his or her pictures), getting my hair cut...and I have to call my mom. (Funny thing is, she has a hard time making decisions! So, the two of us talking about making a decision must be funny!)

Are you getting the picture here? The picture that I am dependent? On other people and on my phone? And if all else fails, my computer will let bunches of people know. Why do I do this? I don't know!!! I really don't. The only time I ever really got scolded at school was guessed it! Talking! If I had something to say I literally could NOT wait. I thought I might explode.

I remember on an episode of Growing Pains, Carol Seaver was accused of being "replete with verbiosity"...Ummmm, is that a problem? Because if it is....I have it too.

I think I'm going to work on this verbiosity thing. I'm going to spend less driving time talking to people on the phone and spend more of it listening to my children and talking WITH them. Prob'ly much safer anyway. I think parents used to do this. Talk to their kids in the car. That's going to be my first priority. My first step to change.

And can I say it's a good thing I never got into twitter??


gina said...

Quick! Get help! Admitting you have a problem is the biggest step! Go to "On and On Anon"!! ha ha ;)

I think I am a little too dependent on my computer - always working/researching/writing/blogging etc... though I have a horrible reputation for NEVER getting my phone or calling. I hate talking on the phone for some reason - but love face to face. I love email and texting when I have something urgent to say. I wish I had more of your phone addiction - my Mother and friends would appreciate it. The good thing about how much you talk - is it just shows how much you LOVE your kids - & LOVE your Mom. It is all about the relationships and the fact that you are really sharing your life with those you love - That is a great thing. And you should see my phone... dropped a million times too - once in the toilet - another time in a cup of diet coke - Still going strong.

carebear7951 said...

Gina-LOL...I hope you cleaned your phone after the toilet and BEFORE the diet coke! Ha ha!!!

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