Thursday, September 23, 2010

What is Wrong With Parents?

So, I was watching Teen Mom (yeah, really uplifting, television. Good use of my time. Really, it's a horrible show. Most of it is like watching a train wreck. You know it's going to make you feel sick but you can't look away?) and one of the moms uses the most awful language. And her baby (about 18 months old I guess) is always RIGHT THERE! I don't mean "stupid" or "fart"...I mean really, truly BAD words. It makes me so sad. The parents fight. And I don't mean they talk to each other through gritted teeth for a few minutes. I mean, the mom attacks the dad. Really? That child doesn't have a chance.

Another of the moms on the show gave her baby up for adoption because she realized (somehow) that her life was so dysfunctional. That the family she was raised by and lives with still are not a good place for a little girl to grow up. I wonder when child realizes that what they grew up with is not the norm. That there is something better for their child.

Ok, consider the source, right? (Not that all teen moms are like that, just sayin'....those parents are not phenomenal-or they wouldn't be on MTV, right? (I watch it on the computer-we don't have cable. Partly because of money and partly because it has so much trash on it <---see??)

Then I thought of something else. What about the movies that are designed to terrify. And the main character (or at least a key character) is a child. Parents put their children in those movies! They (for whatever reason) think it's okay to put their child in a movie that most parents wouldn't allow their children to watch previews for. For what? Money. Fame. How sad is that?

What about the tv shows and movies where kids say bad words for their parts!? And again, the parents sign them up for this! I would imagine that most of us "regular" parents are trying to keep our kids from saying those words (I know my kids have tasted some soap before! And that wasn't even for four-letter words! Just nasty words-you know, lies, poopies/peepies... and the like).

And then they wonder why those child stars end up a mess. Drugs. Arrests. Alcohol to excess.

And these parents TOOK THEM THERE. Handed them over.


Jenn said...

Agree, agree, agree.

Thanks for the comment you left me today! :)

Jenny said...

I agree with you. I have never watched teen mom, but I have seen it on before. Those kids are so clueless.

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