Thursday, September 16, 2010

Financial Peace Update

I would love to say I was calling into the Dave Ramsey program tomorrow to yell "I'm debt free!" But that would be a big lie (and Haley and I have been talking about lies, so I know a big lie when I hear one). But, I am getting some wonderful information.
One of his favorite things to say is that you have to "live like no one else" (ie drive a cash car, eat out less, forgo vacations, etc) so that later you can "live like no one else" (ie not be "broke" like normal people). It sure sounds good, huh? When he and his wife found out that "normal" was BROKE. They decided they didn't want to be "normal". And now....they're not!

This week's lesson was on debt collectors. I *proudly* thought, well, this lesson is just pie for me. I won't have debt collectors calling me. I don't need to know how to deal with them. Hmph. Oh, *pride still in full gear* maybe it's so I can give tips to some other poor schmuck! Yeah, that's it! Sometimes we have information to use and sometimes it's to share and help others, right? That must be it!

Dun dun dun....

This morning and humid (just like yesterday morning and all the ones before that for, oh, about 7 months now)...and I was determined today was going to be a good day (different from the preceeding two days of this week). Then, I promptly spent the first two hours of the day dealing with our new electric provider. Apparently, when you pay them through online bill pay (through a major bank I might add) it takes a really long time for the payment to go through and be credited. Like long enough to start worrying that you will have no electricity (ie air conditioning). Seriously. I got a disconnect notice. (I paid it, really I did!) Thankfully, once I got the bank on the line they got the electric service on the's all good. (Except I had to make the payment a second time while waiting for the bank to credit me for the payment that is floating around out there somewhere...over the rainbow I guess). Ok, still no collectors in my future.

Til, I got the call. A collection agency. Seriously? From our OLD provider. I had called and made payment arrangements with them to pay our final bill (which included a fee for ending our contract before it was up). I was to pay them $65 per month for 5 months. I paid them 3 times in less than a month and a half. And they sent me to collections. Thankfully I knew (from Mr Dave himself) not to give them my bank information. Seriously, they wanted my routing number and my account number. Nope! I might have done that a week ago-being the rule follower that I am. People pleaser. First born daughter. I told her that I'd just have to continue to deal with the calls if giving them that information was the only way to stop the collections process. (And I'd send in my own payment, thanks.) Thing is, I have my agreement with the provider in WRITING that they sent me. Fools. They were getting the money. Dumb. Oh, and if they don't clear it off of my credit, ahem, they'll be hearing from my lawyer. (Well, they would if I had one, but don't blow my cover on that one, ok?)

The timing on that class was nothing more than PERFECT!

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Jenny said...

Matt wants to start this. We are thinking about doing it in the summer. I have heard awesome things about it.

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