Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Favorite Moment

We've had a rough week in our house-and it's only Monday. Oy! I've been really off for a while due to a switch in medications I'm trying to make and I haven't been very good at seeing the favorites. But last night at dinner Jared and Haley were sitting next to each other and Jared's tooth hurt (it's loose) and he kind of cried out "Ouch!" So Haley leaned over and (w/o words, because she's my wordless child for the most part)indicated that she wanted to kiss his cheek. And she did.

Of course this was such a fleeting moment that even if I'd had my camera sitting next to me I'd have missed it, so you'll have to just picture it because it didn't get the Kodak moment status this time. :)

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mainehappymama said...

Awwww...love those moments.

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