Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yesterday-well, Saturday!

So, yesterday was great! As part of my b'day "stuff" my mom watched all 3 kiddos so that Harold and I could go eat, find me some jeans for my fat-ness (ugh!) and get my hair cut. It was so nice to eat lunch w/ no one telling me "this isn't want I ordered" and when I answer "Oh yes it is" "But I didn't think it would be like this..." and then Haley climbing out of the high chair and trying to climb all over me-you get the picture right? Eating out with 3 kids is not a relaxing, enjoyable experience. I love my kids, don't get me's just not relaxing. I always leave feeling like "Why did I waste my money eating out" NE ways, I digress...

We went shopping and talked (no kids hollering about how long do they have to stay in the store, can they go look at toys, can they go look at their size clothes, can we just go home? and no Haley trying to kill herself climbing out of the basket-again, I digress, this is supposed to be about what did happen, not what didn't!) and I found an outfit that will fit me and I like it! Just jeans and a t-shirt, but it's cute.

Then! We went to get my hair cut where luck was on my side! The lady that has cut my hair since 1995 (and I trust and love!) was there early!! Yay! And had no one waiting! Yay! That is so unusual...she works at Costcutters (which is a "discount" place-and most of her customers are requests, so she's usually backed up before she arrives!) We went a little shorter this time, and I THINK I LOVE IT!!!! :D

So, we had a couple minutes to "spare" and went to Petco to look around for a minute. I have been wanting a dog for quite some time (we are petless save for the one remaining hermit crab-out of 3!) but just haven't felt "ready" to take the plunge. When we get my dog I want it to truly be a part of our family-inside as well as going with us when we go somewhere like, I pick up this very calm little ball of fluff from one of the local shelters (and this calm was so miraculous in light of the chaos of the other dogs barking all around it) This dog was adorable. A mix of some kind of shepherd (Australian???) and Lab...perfect for what I want!!! Then I watch his brother pee all over himself in his sleep! I put the little guy back-still loving him though, then he squats and poops. Ok, it's over. I remember why I'm not ready. We are still petless-save for that one darn crab that keeps holding on.


Jules said...

I love the new haircut, Cara! Looks great. Happy Birthday, again. :)

carebear7951 said...

Thanks Jules! :)

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Cara!! You look gorgeous my dear! I love the haircut! And I had to laugh out loud about the dog... Our "Sadie" did that at the animal shelter... I still had to bring her home and she crapped for weeks in her kennel. I tried to take her back about a billion times but my heart wouldn't let me! lol! With 3 kids, I'd stay "petless" for a little while longer too!

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