Thursday, March 12, 2009

Haley's 2 Year Check Up

So, we went to the doctor yesterday for Haley's 2 year check up! First of all, the most exciting news is that she is all done with immunizations until she's 4! Woohoo! I went in expecting the horrors of vaccinations. Nope!
We got there and the nurse starts asking her questions: Can she run/jump/climb? Check, check, check. (As Haley is running, jumping and climbing all over the exam table) Is she social? Definitely. Does she fight with her brother and sister? Oh my goodness, you mean this is a developmental milestone and it's good that she does this? Yay! Check that one off...Can she say 30-50 words? Yes! Only here in the past couple of weeks has her speech taken off, so I was glad to be able to report positively on that. Does she eat? Well, some days she eats everything and some days she eats nothing and some days she eats ONLY Goldfish. You mean she eats like a 2 year old? :) Yes, she knows her body parts; yes, she knows her name (Hayeee but sometimes it's "baby").
At this point in the game Lindsay tells the nurse, "Did my mom tell you our big news?" My face goes WHITE. What news? What in the world is she talking about? Does she know something I don't? (Sometimes it's perilous having such verbal, outspoken children with you all of the time). The nurse is looking at me with that look. Finally I get it. She wants me to tell about our DOG. Phew! The nurse and I both laugh because "big news" to me would be a new baby...and the nurse thought the SAME thing! That was good for a few laughs...No babies in our plans.
Ok, comic relief out of the way now...woah. And just plain relief.
I had noticed that for the first time since we took Haley in for her first doctor appointment I had not been asked to undress her!? (I thought maybe the nurse was just waiting). Apparently she has graduated to "big girl" status. Bittersweet moment. As the nurse has her walk down the hall to the BIG KID scales I had to sniff a little. She climbed up on the scales and stood there like a big girl-to the tune of 26 1/2 lbs. Then she stood there while they measured her-this is the first time that she was not measured by laying her on the table while they marked the paper and measured it. Sniff sniff. It's such a weird feel happy and "graduated" yet you realize it's such a big milestone. They no longer consider her a baby. She was 34 inches tall. Wow, almost 3 feet tall!!!!!
The doctor was good with all of her information although she did comment on her bumps, scrapes and bruises. Yep. That's Haley. (She actually looked better yesterday than she had for a week!)
So, we're officially in the [terrific] twos and officially a BIG GIRL. Here is how stinkin' cute she looked yesterday:

As a footnote, we also discussed homeschooling and that while she is fine with our progress (her exact words: "I've never worried about your kids") she has some concerns with another family she saw once. The patients of one of her partners. She is concerned that the children are not really being taught. But when she looked up Texas State guidelines...there is nothing legally that this family is doing wrong. It makes me a little sad (and I think her too) that this family and others like them are possibly doing a disservice to their children, but also giving home schoolers a bad name! I don't need her approval or pat on the back, but I'll tell you, it sure is nice to have it! Does anyone know what I mean? :)

Coming tomorrow (with pictures): Jared's homerun!!!!!!!!

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squirrelgirl said...

Terrific Two! I love it! We'll be there shortly as well. I know exactly what you mean about the bittersweet milestones. Our babies are no longer babies!

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