Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Nope, I'm not pregnant (Kendra, thanks for that comment!) But let me tell you, as bad as I felt...I was getting nervous!
There is no way I could finish the cleanse. I didn't even drink one whole "smoothie" (physically could not swallow any more of it) and I spent 2 days paying for it. Last night we ate out and I couldn't even face the carrots (which I normally like) or beets (barf-even though I normally love beets from the salad bar).
Thanks for the supportive comments though! I appreciate it. Let's me know I'm being "read" and makes me feel loved...

By the way, funny little side story, Haley drank 2 sips of the stuff and said "No moi momma" LOL (No more momma). It was not just me! :)

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