Friday, March 20, 2009

The New Bambino

Ok, so I know nothing about baseball...or any other sport other than the basic rules of play. But my son is pretty good. I do know that. :) Sure, he's only 6 (for less than a month, but that's a whole other post-prob'ly with a few sniffles added in for good measure).

So, the other day we had a scrimmage for Jared's second season of baseball. The thing about baseball is you spend a lot of time watching your kid waiting for his (or her) turn to "do something". You wonder why your kid is not getting to do something-anything. Then, the moment comes. He's up to bat. Oh, the butterflies in your stomach have to rival his. You just have this's one thing for you to mess up. But your kid? It hurts. It makes you sick. The pitcher throws the ball...and "CRACK"! The ball has been hit! You are surprised but don't want to be. You should've known that your son would hit the ball--on the FIRST pitch! Now, the nerves hit for the next part. Can he make it to first base safely? OH! He's there! But wait, he didn't stop! He's still going...Second base..."STOP! STOP! STOP!" You scream...but he keeps going! Next thing you know he's HOME! With the most triumphant look ever--and a little bit of shock too. And you just want to run out on the field and hug him and jump up and down with him in your arms. But that would be un-cool. So you just burst in your heart a little!!!!!

**note** they made him go back to second base. We still don't know why because he never stopped (no matter how much we screamed for him to) and the play never stopped...the ball kept going from player to player as they tried to catch the greatest ball player of all time and get him "out"...but he did get hit in (again) when his friend Ryan batted did he get two home runs???

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