Friday, March 6, 2009

Haley's Coming Around...

So, Haley is finally coming around on the "fuff fuff"...(that's Haley-speak for "dog") She tells us all the time that the "fuff fuff mice". No, our dog does not eat mice or look like a mouse...she is NICE! :)
This morning she looks at me with her first morning grin and holds up 2 fingers and says: "fuff fuff teeee" (means "two dogs") and shakes her head "no". She's telling me we don't have two girl. Then she tells me (with one adorable little finger held up) "nun" (one) and nods her head yes--smiling all the time.

In case I lost you there with all the quotes and parentheses the "conversation" Haley and I had was about us having one dog not two. :)

I have to hold onto and document these adorable moments to get me through the other ones...the ones that remind us she is in fact OFICIALLY "teeeee" (remember, "teeeee" is two)

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