Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What do you do...

when you try to do a detox diet (veggies only-w/ a little brown rice at dinner) and you realize the only thing holding you together was your toxins??? I have fallen apart after what should've been the beginning of something extremely healthy. :( :( :(

Spent yesterday feeling "pregnant" (ie sicker than a dog) and today it's different, but still sick.


Kendra plus 2 said...

What do you do? Take a pregnancy test.


gina said...

My husband has done detox diet - similar to yours - and he felt horrible for a couple of days. (Downright mean and grumpy too-old anger stored up??)... but then it got better and he felt SO good. So it seemed to be worth it to him. You feel so sick because of all the toxins - releasing them puts them in circulation again - on their way out. Focus on how mean and nasty they are - and feeling sick just means you are getting rid of them. How to mentally kick their butt when they are really kicking yours - Hope that trick works. You aren't pregnant right? You weren't saying that - unless I misunderstood. The detox wouldn't be good if you were. You probably know all that .... :) Hope you are feeling great by the time this note reaches you. Hang in there. Thanks for your nice notes on my blog.

Jules said...

Keep doing it, Cara! You are detoxing. It's gross to think about it, but you are going through withdrawals from the stuff you were eating. If I went on a detox diet, the same thing (probably worse!) would happen to me. :(

You can do it!!


Singwilsons said...

Seeeeeee! I am not crazy and this really is good for you! :-)
How are you feeling? Great effort for trying, pat yourself on the back!

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