Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big Day Here

1. Lindsay turned 9! And my mom called her "adolescent" hellooooo, mom. Don't you know I told Linds at birth that she was not allowed to grow up??

2. I'm fatter than I was yesterday! Yippee.

3. We got bunnies-which our dog apparently LOVES (or is that "would love to eat"???)

4. Oh, aren't 1-3 enough???

Hopefully will have bunny posts tomorrow. And Birthday news. And I'm sure I'll be fatter still.


Colleen said...

YIKES! Bunnies, adolescence and weight gain. Quite a day. Why bunnies? a dog....bunnies?? Who are you and what have you done with Cara?

squirrelgirl said...

LOL to Colleen's comment! Hope tomorrow is a better day, regardless of what the scale says.

GINA said...

give him a hug from me...if he even remembers me.. :(
i miss you guys!

Jana said...

Now I get your comment at the grocery store.

Adolescene, your mom should know better ;-)

I had rabbits when I was young, till they disappeared ( bad dad ).

gina said...

Birthdays and bunnies... have fun with both. Don't worry about the .5 lb. - just chase the dog and the bunnies and it will come right off. Or just don't worry about it at all and wear a BIG SMILE knowing you are great the way you are! My son just turned 9 too!

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