Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Rich Tooth Fairy

I'd really like to know where all these parents I know commission their incredibly wealthy tooth fairy. Mine apparently just does not have that kind of dough to throw around. My poor kids only get a measly $2 per tooth. (By the way, has that "rich" tooth fairy ever counted up how many teeth each child will lose before it's all said and done? It's 20 teeth! 20 teeth at $5 a pop...hmmm, that is $100! And if you have, say, 3 kids...well, that totals $300! Just in tooth fairy money.)

I propose all parents get together and hunt down and take out this tooth fairy that gives out too much money. She's just causing too much trouble.


Anonymous said...

$5 a tooth?! We aren't at the losing tooth stage yet, just getting them still. But wow, I think I used to get 50 cents or something like that.

Chrissy said...

The worst Tooth Fairy ever visits our house :( Occasionally she doesn't have cash on hand so she'll dip into the kids piggy banks and "recycle" what she can find. She's cheap too, $1 a tooth if you're lucky!

squirrelgirl said...

Love the other comments! We got 25 cents if we were lucky. I suspect there was some "recycling" in my house, too. $2 seems pretty darn good to me and $5 is totally out of the question. I'll join the hunt for that Tooth Fairy!

Singwilsons said...

$5 per tooth!! Where does this lady come from??? Our tooth fairy (whom they all know is dad, cause mom forgets ev-er-y time) only gives $1 per tooth! I thought that was waaaay more than enough!!

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