Monday, April 20, 2009


Does anyone understand whinese? Or have a tourists guide to understanding it? I'm so over it. Haley whines (when she is not screaming) constantly. I'm doing the "not responding" thing...we'll see where that gets us. When she cries for no reason I tell her to do that in her bed. She usually then signs "all done" and stops for a bit.
I have never had a toddler that seemed so unhappy! :(

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Anonymous said...

how old is she again? With my three year old I tell her not to whine or she can go to timeout. But she is old enough to know better. With the 17 month old I just have to deal with it because she is so little. She takes a pacifier though so that helps, I can put it in and she will mostly stop. Or I feed her, that kid is always hungry.

I agree with you though, it drives me absolutely batty!!

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