Saturday, December 11, 2010


Excess = Chaos.

I'm a genius. I've figured this out. I now know why I'm always in a tizzy. We have too much stuff. And too many activities (well, the kids do). This means we're chaotic (not like Britney Spears, just normal chaotic) because we're drowning in excess. My two most common phrases (you can ask my kids!) are "Look at this place!!!" --referring to our house which is always a disaster area. AND
"Where is my phone?" --because when you have chaos things get lost. Sometimes I pray that someone will call me. Not because I'm bored or lonely but because I don't know where my phone is. And the only way I can find it is if it rings-unless it's at the dentist's office like it was last week. Then I won't be able to find it when it rings.

Monday I have a serious dilemma. My children are due at a 4H meeting at 10am. Where we will do a nice service project. We're making little gift bags for children that are less fortunate. I have even bought some of the stuff already. Problem? They are also due at dress rehearsal for the play they're in. Yep. At 10am. Same time. Not same place. And Jared needs a costume of some kind of animal for that day (an ark animal-as in Noah's ark). We've already had the suggestion of cutting a hole in the back of his pants and he can be a baboon...prob'ly won't work with the director. I think it's a family oriented play. Even if I had the $60 to spend.....I don't have time to wait for a costume to arrive now if I order it online (oh, and I don't have the $60 by the way).

All of these things come up and they're valuable experiences for the kids. Why can't I just realize that we can't have every valuable experience!? 4H (I've heard) has great opportunities for scholarships-which my children will need if they're going to college, which I hope they do. But the Christmas play is an awesome thing...Lindsay has found she LOVES it. And Jared's growing into it too! (P.S. Don't forget CubScouts and American Heritage Girls).


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Kendra plus 2 said...

Is there a specific animal he needs to be?

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