Monday, December 13, 2010

More on Excess. Kind of.

So, I've been thinking. We're letting our activities take over our life. I know none of you have ever done that, but we have recently. All of the things we're in are good. But there are too many right now.
We're in the homeschool Christmas play. And anyone in the homeschool group where I live knows that it's cuh-razy! (Not to mention that I live about 30 minutes-on a good traffic day-away from where all these festivities take place.)
We also joined 4H (yes, the one that has cows and goats and stuff-but I'm not allowing cows and goats and stuff). We joined it because there are supposed to be scholarship opportunities available. Later.
We are in Cub Scouts (did you know it can help a guy get a better ranking in the military if he gets his Eagle Scout badge?? Later.)
We are in American Heritage Girls (because we don't believe in a lot of what the Girl Scouts do/teach).
Sports-in season.
Church stuff.
Like I said, all of this is great stuff, and scholarships and military advantage are great things....but what about if we have nervous break-downs and don't make it til "later"?
When I mentioned to Lindsay today that 4H might have to go, she reminded me of the scholarship opportunities (she's 10 people!). But I had been thinking and had a comeback. I could talk to 10 different mamas (friends with kids) and they would all have a beneficial activity that my kids should be in. And great reasons why it would benefit them now and later. But we have to pick and choose for ourselves.
I have friends that are huge into drama and speech and debate. And their kids are awesome! And it's going to take them places I'm sure! But, do I want to drive all over the country spending money I don't have for that? Nah. Point is, we all have to be who we are and do what is important to us. And if the stuff in our life starts crowding out time for God and family and's not worth the benefits it might afford us "later".
Tomorrow, Haley will be taken to pre-school (a dear friend keeps 4 little girls, including her own, 2 days of the week for FREE and does a little pre-school program with them that Haley thrives on.) Other than that? We're staying home. We're doing school (which all of the above mentioned activities have pushed aside-we're behind!). I think I'll bake some banana bread. Nathan will take his nap in his crib and not have it interrupted a bazillion times. I can find out what is going on in the heads of my two big kids. And in their hearts too. I'll also give them a few chores and some time to decompress-ie play outside! I might get some stamps and finish preparing my Christmas cards (not because I feel pressured or have to do that, but because I love to share our family's latest picture with those we don't often see and wish them a Merry Christmas). Oh, and the durn Christmas chain! We need to make that so Haley can count the days til Christmas. But, we're spending most of the day at home! Ahhhhh.

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