Sunday, December 5, 2010

I usually don't like enjoy reading new authors. Often you have to go through some duds before you get an author that excites you. So, I read the same author systematically until I've finished every book of his or hers that I'm aware of and can get my hands on. Mary Higgins Clark is one. I've read all of her books at least once. Most more than once. John Grisham. There are a few that are less than relaxing for me (because I find them hard to follow-Pelican Brief anyone?) but most of his books I truly enjoyed! Well, I came to that point recently where I had exhausted all I could think of that were known authors, so I started the search. In all honesty...I am a "judge the book by the cover" kind of person. I know. I know. You can miss out on some great books that way. But it's true. I do it.

I found this book, not having a clue anything about the book, or it's author. I LOVED it! It was a great book!  I've been to the place where most of it is set! I love when that happens. It's in Sanibel Island, Florida. A really pretty little island by Fort Myers-with beautiful shells by the way! I remember too, that we had a very nice family day on that island. One of those days that just worked out.

Anyways, the's about a woman in her 50s-empty nest, husband gone-who finally found time to finish a book she had started so many years ago. But, life, as it often does, got in the way. She had children to raise, and responsibilities to deal with. This book within a book contrasts the seasons of life that we women face. She becomes close (as close as she will allow) to her neighbor who is elderly and alone at a time when she is in the throes of raising small children and wondering how her life became so out of control. Most of the plot is surrounding a week she spent alone. During a fight with her husband, he has his parents come and get her kids. I think she is equal parts horrified and relieved. She wants to be able to do it all. But knows it's not realistic. I can relate to that because I don't like to ask for help. Pride. Ugly pride.

So, her in-laws (parents to her not-so-great husband) take the kids for the week. And she doesn't know what to do with herself at first. She is torn between what she "should" do...housework anyone?...and what she longs to do...write!!!!!

This is all just a preface for what I wanted to blog about...if you had a week for yourself, how would you spend it? (This was one of the discussion questions in the back. And since I don't belong to a book club-although I wish I did!!!!!-I thought I could kind of turn my blog into one occasionally.)

If I had a week to myself (and my own financial-ie limited money-situation) here's what I think I would do.
The first day would be spent cleaning and organizing-okay, it might take two, but I could probably get enough done in day one to call it good. So that I could then....RELAX and enjoy the other 4 (I'm assuming this is 5 days because I can't imagine 7 without my children and husband.).

Second day...okay my house is done, right? It's clean. Now what? I'd read. I'd eat warm meals sloooowly. I would definitely spend some time in prayer and in Bible reading. I'd rest/sleep whenever my body told me it needed it. I'd write-if the mood struck me to write. I'd take a shower without fear of what I would find when I got out. I'd shave both legs in that shower. I'd lay on the couch. I don't do that now because someone will lay ON me. Always. I'd do some cooking-and put the food in the freezer for those busy days when you just can't think about what to make, let alone actually make it. I'd walk around some stores. I don't need to buy things, but I like to wander through stores sometimes....and that's the sum total of it. That would be my exciting week alone. Because when you're a mom...quiet is exciting!

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Jenn said...

Sounds like a good book and your week sounds just about right for me too!

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