Saturday, December 4, 2010

Something I Know For Sure

So, in my 35 years I've learned something that I know to be true.
If you want to look stupid, try to be someone you're not. Go ahead. Transform yourself. It brings to mind those cars that everyone (well, little boys of all ages and sizes) love. Those things that aren't quite cars and aren't quite robots. And no matter which thing they are at the moment you can always see the cracks. And something is always liable to pop out of place at any time.
Think about it. Have you ever tried to mimic someone's being? Only to find that the real you pops out at the most inopportune moment?
I'm not talking about real change. I'm not talking about bettering yourself. I'm certainly not referring to the changes God can make in you. I mean if you're a jeans and t-shirt kind of person trying to wear sweater sets or suits. If you're a tomboy kinda girl trying to make yourself into a girly girl. It won't work. The first chance you get you'll have your jeans back on. Doing the activities you truly enjoy.
And if you manage to suppress it for too long (which I suppose is possible) you'll chafe.
A bookworm cannot for any length of time live the life of a party girl. Neither can a party girl (Paris Hilton anyone??) become a bookworm.  (By the way, although I"m social for sure, I fall into the bookworm category!)
As a kid I was totally an inside kid. A doll-playing, book reading (although not quiet) kind of kid. However, I began to admire Samantha Micelli-of the early days of Who's the Boss? Come on. We all did. She had spunk. And she was a daddy's girl (yes. I know she was fictional. Humor me.) I wanted to be her. It only took a very short time to figure out that I was NOT a tomboy.  I was scared to death of any kind of fighting (she came home with black eyes!), I certainly didn't know how to catch a foot-ball (the first time she had trouble with it was when she needed a bra). Basketball? Nope. Baseball? Notsomuch. Darn. And being that I'm not from the Bronx (or Italian) I could never have had her uber-cool accent. 
If you're not into fashion and make-up, you will always feel overdone and silly in the same clothes and make-up that look great on someone you know.
I know there have been times (and this is just a superficial example) that I thought how great someone looked in a style of clothing with strategic jewelry. And perfectly coiffed hair. So, I tried it. Wanna know what I get when I do that? Wasted money and I feel silly. Not because it doesn't look great....but because it's not who I am! I feel overjewelried (my own new word! yay!) if I have on anything more than my tiny diamond studs in my ears and my wedding ring. I can be okay with a watch and a small necklace....anything more (Including glasses-which I'm supposed to wear, hair do-dads, headbands....any of it) puts me over the top!
I don't think it really took this many years to know that it looks silly, it just took this long for me to accept that "I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam" (Popeye-one of my faves as a kid!)

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