Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good Fortune

I definitely do not intend (haha!) to make every post this year about intentional living but here goes one more!
One thing I really wanted to be mindful of was getting out and doing more homeschool community activities...field trips, park days, educational opportunities offered by museums, etc and so far I'm off to a great start!
This week we have gone to an Asian Cultures Museum, an Historic Mansion that has been turned into a museum (they have monthly homeschool days!) and  park day! I'm both ashamed and proud to say that that's more than we've done in months recently as far as during the day homeschool based activities! It was just about not being lazy. Signing up for the things and getting us ready and GO-ing! It's so much easier to stay at home and crack the whip so the kids "get it done" and we can lounge. But that's not the kind of homeschool I want to run so, we're trying! :)

Wednesday we went to the Asian Cultures Museum nearby (Jared did not want to go and since I had to pay for each child that went I chose to leave him with my dad). The girls (and Nathan helped) did Origami and learned some about chopstick use and calligraphy. Very interesting! The lady that runs the program is very quiet which is interesting. We had 20-30 children (from infant to high school) who had to be extra quiet to hear her.

 Teaching the kids some quick Chinese! :) Bathroom, hi, thank you, etc....
 This is a Singapore Taxicab-of old I'm quite sure but I took this for my friend Wendy! :)
 Haley and a friend checking out some statues
 Nathan is not too sure about that sumo wrestler...he thought maybe it was a girl because of the hairdo. Did you know that they choose boys at a very young age and start "fattening" them up!? The museum lady (what do you call them?) told us she went to a sumo event (match?) and she said it's kind of hard to know where to look. LOL
 My 3 babies sitting at one table...and they worked together with their chopsticks! <3 br="br">
 Nathan went to sit with Lindsay during the Origami lesson. See the pink and white swans sitting in front of them? Lindsay is now turning every piece of paper into an origami swan!

After we left the museum the timing was just right to meet up with daddy for some Chinese food to carry on the theme! I didn't make the kids eat with "toothpicks" (Nathan-ese for Chopsticks)-although I should have! But daddy has limited time for lunch ;)

Wanna know what Nathan's fortune was? He "read" it to us! It said: "When you go to eat Chiney-cheese you take your car and you park your car." That fortune probably makes more sense than a lot of them do.

Although I really like Lindsay's because it is something I say all the time! (Only mine doesn't rhyme):
BE THE LABOR GREAT OR SMALL DO IT WELL OR NOT AT                                                 ALL!


squirrelgirl said...

The museum lady is a docent :-)

The calligraphy reminds me of when I went to China with my mom - we saw people in one park writing beautiful symbols on the pavement with water, so that they would just fade away as the water dried up.

carebear7951 said...

Wow Marilyn that is an awesome memory! Lol at the museum lady...I did remember it later but we have been out of town :) thanks!

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