Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Intentional Living

I'm not totally sure where I came up with the idea of Intentional Living for my New Year's Resolution but I decided to do a search on it today (January 1st). Apparently it's not a new thing I came up with all on my own ;) Darn the luck!

One of the first things I found was this: "Intentional living is a lot like a GPS system found in many cars. It shows you the path to where you want to go. A GPS requires putting in the right destination, where you are headed. It also has a beginning point. A GPS knows where you are starting your journey. And once you enter a destination, it calculates a route, a path for you to follow."
That is an amazing analogy in this world of technology. And it fits perfectly with what I was thinking about for myself.

It's about deciding on a destination, putting it in MY "GPS" system and following that path. Simple.

For me most of it is about relationships.
  • Relationship with God.
  • Relationship with my husband.
  • Relationship with my children.
  • Relationship with my family.
  • Relationship with my friends.  
  • Relationship with myself.
When I put "relationship with God" into my GPS I will find the route involves: prayer and reading my Bible. I can't have a relationship with someOne I don't know.

For me, relationship with my husband is relatively easy. We have a pretty great marriage if I do say so myself. I think the things that I can change are a)less social media and b)keeping my home more put together and peaceful! I need to (not because he has complained or told me to but because I know it) institute some kind of plan to be more organized and a better housekeeper. Who wants to come home to chaos? Lists of responsibilities. And checking them off! Cooking dinner regularly! I know he will appreciate this.

Relationship with my children. When I enter this destination into my "GPS" I find that these are the directions: speak softly, love, play, spend time, love and encourage. Sure, discipline is important but I think I have a handle on that one. I'd really like to focus on the other things this year. Time. Love. Play.

The family and friends is pretty simple. I see that as setting aside time for those people that matter. And small acts of kindness where I see a need.

Relationship with myself. Health. Seriously. I'm not going to say I'm going to lose 50 pounds or that I will run 10 miles every day. Just effort at taking care of myself. Taking a shower. Fixing my hair/makeup and dressing nicely every day. Exercising. Eating better. Realistic things I can do to know that I am at my best...and I feel like this is a good example for my children too!

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