Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Keeping It Alive

Keeping a marriage alive in the middle of parenting 4 very active, wordy and exuberant children is very challenging! There are times when I don't even have the mental energy to talk to my husband at the end of a long day. I just can't form a sentence that isn't necessary. As in "go to bed". That's all I have left sometimes....

To keep it alive takes effort! Sometimes Herculean effort! I'd say overall we're doing pretty well...after 18 1/2 years we still like each other-most of the time anyways....

We get away! Sure, we could just do an in town date and that would be great (and I"m aware that some people are not able to do that, let alone I realize I'm blessed! If you can't do this...find what will work for you!) but I know that I would be tempted to do dishes or laundry or grade school work...I would see every little thing around my house that needs to be done...Plus, what's more fun than a road trip? Well, a road trip that doesn't involve refereeing a million fights that start with things like "she breathed on me" or "he looked at me weird"....

We went to San Antonio and had a great time! Lots of walking! In downtown San Antonio there are not a lot of parking places (ok, unless you're willing to pay to park, which I'm usually not! I'm way too cheap for that!) So we walk!

We also had so much fun playing with our new smart phones to get us places! Amazing to not have to drive in circles a million times and get lost! :)

We ate at Pappasitos when we got into town...oh. my. goodness. Yes. It's THAT good! Fajitas that were made of the tenderest steak I've ever eaten!!!!! and we had a dessert that was a chocolate bread pudding thing with chocolate on top! Wow! Then we rode a little train that is by the San Antonio Zoo. I think we were the only ones on it that didn't have little kids! LOL But we had fun and you have to be willing to think outside the box. Be silly!
Then we went and checked in at our hotel. It was "just" a Holiday Inn Express (although in the "around $100" price range I've found them to be very nice!) but I chose it because of it's history! It was originally the Bexar County Jailhouse!!! How cool is that? We spent the night in Jail!!! LOL There is so much history in San Antonio-some hotels and areas are even reported to be haunted! We didn't see any ghosts...but they did take care of their own executions in those days (the county did-not the state) so our hotel was likely the site of executions!

Our main tourist-y thing was a trip to the Buckhorn Saloon! Also very historic...from before prohibition! They stayed alive during prohibition in other ways. :) These days it's a museum also. I really thought my hubby would like that place. It is the site of the Texas Rangers' Museum-not the baseball team, but the Elite Law Enforcement. So many guns and knives with the stories to go behind it! And taxidermy from all over the world!

 The above car was (a replica of??) the car that Bonnie and Clyde were in when they were caught and killed.
The next Bonnie and Clyde? Probably not but we sure did have fun on our "getaway"!!!

Thanks to my mom and dad for the help! They not only took care of the kids but came over to let the dog out several times!

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