Sunday, January 6, 2013

Intentional Living Update #1

This is not some boring update of a list of what I did and didn't do last week. Wanna know the main reason it's not that? Because I did almost nothing. How pathetic! BUT, I was sick! So, I have a plausible excuse reason. I had some kind of virus that makes your neck and head ache and major fatigue! Add that to the fact that it was (relatively) cold here and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch or in my bed curled up with a blanket! Too bad that made everything ache worse! (NO fever so it was not the flu, just kind of half-miserable!)

But here is what I discovered! In my lack of "driven-ness" last week I discovered a little bit of positive laziness. Pretty sure that's an oxymoron but follow me here. I am a fairly driven person most of the time. I have never been a late sleeper and don't usually like to lay around in bed in the mornings too much...but this past week I found that when I would still be in bed (I won't even say the time, it's too embarrassing...ok, I will since now you might think it's worse than it actually is!--9:30!) That provided so much snuggle time with my little ones! They long for that and I"m just not very good at it. But when I didn't feel good it was nice to have some little cuddle bugs curled up with me. So, that was intentional that I paid attention to that, right?

Sometimes I think God slows us down when we don't slow down on our own. I'm not saying I was struck from Heaven with a virus but a negative turned into a not so negative! :)

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