Friday, January 4, 2013

My Room!

A year ago we had an unfortunate incident (that could have resulted in murder but didn't) that ruined my carpet in my room. And my bedding. I needed to replace my bedding anyways and my carpet wasn't in great condition (when is carpet ever in great condition past the first few weeks?) but this incident just made the need go from, URGENTLY need some work.

I pulled out a huge old comforter that I bought sometime in the mid 90s and had been relegated to the camping supplies for years...and made do for a while...this is what my room looked like (ok, so I made no effort to make it look decent in any way-you know kind of like before and after make over pics? The before the person looks worse than a mug-shot!) Well, I purposely left my room looking like something off of the show "Cops"

Notice in the top picture that there is carpet actually CUT OUT of the room! And yeah, bed not made....there is also the dresser. There is nothing wrong with the way it "looks" actually but it's not a functioning dresser. It's an antique. The drawers do not open and close like they're supposed to-the middle one is basically GONE! So, my laundry is always sitting in a basket at the foot of my bed (see?)
I bought a new dresser. I didn't spend a lot and it's certainly not heirloom quality or anything-I got it at I made sure to read reviews til my head spun (very important I've learned when shopping online-or anywhere for that matter!) and this one received good reviews!'s website won't let me copy the picture to put with the link. :( So here is a picture I took. :)

Here is the after: We are missing something which has caused me to put off posting this before and after: lamps. I just haven't found what I reeeeeally want. And a headboard. I would like to have a headboard but it's very tricky. My room is extremely small! That is a queen bed taking up that much of the room! I also might eventually get matching night stands but the one on the right is an antique (actually some kind of sewing cabinet) so I really don't want to get rid of that one and what else would I do with it? Keeping in mind that if my house were listed for sale it would be described as "cozy" ;)

You cannot really see it in this picture (might show better in the above picture) but the carpet is a multi-color shag (the new kind, not the harvest gold kind of the 70s of course). I LOVE it! And it's got to be way more forgiving than what we did have-a very light colored (mono-tone) short pile carpet. Not a good idea. Not. And we paid for stain master but apparently they switched it out...either that or by "stain master" they meant the "master of all stains". Because anything that got on it was there to stay. Forever.

Now, the goal is to keep our room as kind of a sanctuary. I want it to be as uncluttered and simple as possible. And it is a no toy zone. Every room in my house has toys or trinkets in it. Not this one!

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