Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So Blessed!

I'm blessed beyond measure. Really I am. You might not think it if you look at my "cozy" (ie small) house that is not the newest or in the country club neighborhood. My van is not the newest model. I don't have the top fashions. BUT

I got to take a run with my son this morning. That means:
  •  I get to homeschool him-which makes this possible time-wise.
  • We're both healthy enough to run 3 1/4 miles!
  • We live in a place that allows us to run outdoors in January
  • He WANTS to run with me!!!
My shower. This is actually where I started feeling the most grateful and that led me to start thinking of all the other things! A hot shower on a cool morning after a run....gotta be one of the best things in life. And I'm thankful for healthy water pressure. That may seem silly until you've tried to take a pathetic shower in a "dribble".

I have a tween daughter that is willing and able to keep my little ones safe while we run!

I have a husband that is willing to work hard so I can stay home with our kids. Not missing a moment! A husband that is willing to not have the latest model car. A husband that loves me and comes home every night right after work.

My cup runneth over!!!!! And just look at this face:

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