Monday, January 7, 2013

Brotherly & Sisterly Love

My older 2 kids are were super close. I don't know if it's because we homeschool? I'm sure that helps. In talking to other homeschool friends and seeing from my own experience, it seems that all the togetherness makes for siblings that are the best of friends and the worst of enemies.

As they have gotten older, Jared is 10 now and Lindsay is 12, I have seen the phenomenon become more pronounced. As they pull away from each other more and more (to seek outside friendships) I see hurt and resentment for the one left behind (ie the younger one). And it breaks my heart. I know it's healthy and normal but I don't like it. (Just like all the growing pains with Nathan this past year! You know, the pain of childbirth is natural and normal but it still really hurts!)

Then, I find something like this:
(it's so old it's faded! But Lindsay took the time to craft an apology to Jared for some wrong. I don't know what the wrong was and it doesn't even matter! I never told her to write/make an apology note so this was of her own doing. And to top it off....JARED SAVED IT. It meant enough to him that he kept it. Oh my heart has a little mend in it!!! They do love each other!)

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