Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Little Guy!

This little guy, my surprise blessing when I thought I was totally done and didn't want any more proving to me that I was not done! I did need another baby! But now, I have a question: why is it going so quickly? (sob)  I don't remember feeling it quite this way with Haley (almost 6)...maybe because she was very high maintenance and I was just trying to get through each day (and even more importantly the nights!)
I think from 2 to 3 is a huge year. There are so many changes....we started out the year in diapers and a crib...and now he wears big boy undies (has for a long time now!) and we just finally caved and took the crib down. (SOB)
Poor little guy was so befuddled last night. We were redoing the boys' room (painting, etc-pics to come) and decided that was a good time to lose the crib (sob) as the room has been way over-crowded for over 3 years now. The room was crowded before we had Nathan! It's tiny! I measured it yesterday (just with my feet by walking it) and it's about 10x9 if that tells you. We could barely walk between Jared's bed and the dresser! (In fact, when I was pregnant I really couldn't LOL) Anyways, I digress-that will be another post!

Last night we were on the way home from dinner with family and he asked if daddy was going to put his crib back together (yes, I know...if he can ask that in a complete sentence then he's probably old enough to be out of the crib). We explained to him that he wasn't going to sleep in a crib anymore because he's a big boy! (sob)

He's pretty matter of fact about stuff (like this morning when he told me, "When you pick something out of your nose that's unhealthy." And he's allergic to milk and corn products and he's very accepting of it and will even question people multiple times "Are you sure this doesn't have milk? Will it make me sick?") and so after we talked about it a little bit he was fine with it.

I can't wait to finish the room and show you pictures!  But for now, he's another picture of my little guy-and just for the record, the crib mattress on the floor is temporary until we fashion a trundle/bottom bunk to fit under Jared's loft bed! :)

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